Twenty Years of Jake Gyllenhaal
2021 Society for News Design Student Design Contest Winner
Third Place: Alternative Story Format Category
Concept: I was assigned to create this alternative story format package for a graduate-level design course at Ohio University's School of Visual Communication. I chose to feature Jake Gyllenhaal and his acting career over the past 20 years because he's one of my favorite actors and thought it would be fun.

Work: A lot of my time was spent on creating the icons featured on the first spread. It was difficult to decide on one symbol to represent the entirety of each film, but I think I did a fairly good job here, and the symbols serve to give readers a little taste or foreshadowing of what they can expect when viewing the film.  

I designed all of the icons and wrote the text for this project, but I got permission to use the portrait of Jake from the photographer, Bryan Derballa. 

Challenges: I struggled with creating this timeline in a way that would be factually correct and easy to understand while still having a pleasant design. If I were to revise this project, I would change the icon style to be more cohesive and consistent with one another.

Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

Timeline: 2 weeks


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