Making Mobiles with Dan Copper, April 2021
Concept: My conceit for this project was to create a motion graphic to illustrate the creative process of a local artist.  

Work: This motion graphic was created for Soul of Athens, an annual publication led by undergraduate and graduate students at Ohio University. My group focused on the story of Dan Copper, an artist local to Athens, Ohio. My roles within our team included creating this motion graphic as well as capturing audio and copyediting. 

Challenges: I am fairly new to After Effects, so I spent a lot of time on this project — upwards of 100 hours. Within my creation process, some challenges I ran into included the "order of operations" when working in After Effects and thinking from a new perspective in order to figure out the best and most efficient way to create the animation I had visualized in my own mind. 

Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

Timeline: 6 weeks


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