Concept: I was assigned to create this infographic spread by DC Fray Magazine. It pairs with a 1,500 word article I wrote about the cannabis legislation that is currently on the table in Washington, D.C. and why advocates/industry experts support it. 

Work: Most of the work going into this project was on background research and interviews, but I took care to dedicate time to the style, as well. Because this infographic is for a lifestyle and entertainment magazine, I had to make sure it was visually appealing. 
I designed all of the graphics and the layout, conducted interviews and research, illustrated the hand on the right side of the spread, and wrote all of the text. 

Challenges: Deciphering the nuances of cannabis law throughout all 50 states was a challenge, but I eventually settled on referencing a database that is frequently updated at In addition, communicating the details of the current law and proposed legislation in the DMV area in a visual way was a challenge. I wrote out the variables of the information I wanted to portray, then settled on a series of tables to get the info across.

Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

Timeline: 3 days


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