Concept: This series of infographics was built for Instagram as an assignment for my graduate-level infographics course at the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University. We could each choose any topic we liked as long as it had to do with the 2020 election, so I chose to focus on how women vote. I was sensitive to my narrative structure while creating this series, so I began with a wide view of how often women vote compared to men, then broke down the data by race, political leanings, and policies. 

You can also view this project on Instagram at @cmykfangirl.

Work: My role in this project was to decide on a focus, research that focus, cultivate data, write all of the text, layout the pages and design the infographic itself.

Challenges: I struggled with a conceit for this one. I wanted to make it interesting enough for Instagram, but still informative. Because it is a serious topic, I decided to model my design after The Lily's Instagram by including large text blocks, and pops of color. 

Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD 

Timeline: 4 weeks

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