Concept: For this project, I acted as a Creative Director and partnered with a photographer to bring a concept to life in the form of a magazine cover and accompanying spread. Everyone in my class had to base their magazine on the topic of "glassware," so my photographer and I decided to create a spring glassware issue after finding inspiration from the wine glasses and bird sculpture we discovered at Marshalls. Working with my photographer was a breeze, and I enjoyed my role as Creative Director for this assignment. I hope to one day hold this job position at a notable magazine. 

Work: My role in this project was to come up with a concept, collaborate with a photographer, design the spreads, and write all of the copy.

Challenges: choosing a focus for our publication; writing creative and engaging headlines; getting the lighting and tint of the photos just right.

Programs: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator 

Timeline: 2 weeks

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