Concept: I volunteered to make this logo for an annual suicide awareness and prevention walk held at the University of Kentucky. Their theme is "Out of the Darkness and Into the Light," so I brainstormed ways to portray this idea before I even opened an Illustrator file. Some of the words that came to mind were "hope, path, road, progress, resilience, survivor, strength, light, darkness, sun, moon, day, night," and more. 
Studying the word tree I had created, this image popped into my head: a path leading from dark hills into a sunrise. This symbolizes the journey that survivors take to emerge out of the darkness and move into the light, as it were.
The colors are also symbolic. The ribbon featuring the name of the event is colored teal and purple, which are the official colors of the suicide awareness ribbon.

Work: Half of the work I put into this logo was brainstorming different concepts, which I then presented to the committee of the walk. They chose this design as their favorite, so I got to work and completed it over the course of two days.  

Challenges: I really enjoyed this project and didn't run into too many problems, but I struggled with a few technical things like the pathfinder and type on a path tools. Ultimately I figured it out and I was happy to learn something new! 

Programs: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Timeline: 3 days


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