Concept: This assignment was to create an infographic for the graphics editor of the Washington Post to review. I decided to focus my project on Parasite because of its renowned international reputation and its notable place as the only foreign film to be nominated to the Best Feature Film category EVER (which is dismal, by the way). I also had a hunch that it would win this category; Thankfully, I was right! 

Work: Researched movie data to create a fully formed concept; drew digital illustration; wrote all copy; Photoshopped images; Designed icons; placed elements on page in an easy-to-read and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Challenges: Narrowing the angle of my topic; creating an appropriate and stylized format for the Venn-diagram at the bottom of the page; illustrating the main focal point of the piece. 

Programs: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

Timeline: 3 weeks

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